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The most important thing is that we developed the source code ourselves so that whatever problem you face with this tool, we will solve it quickly.


  1. You can play static HLS/MPD videos;
  2. You can play live streaming HLS/MPD videos;
  3. You can upload poster image;
  4. You can upload multiple subtitles;
  5. You can install this application on multiple load balancer servers without any additional scripts;
  6. Support Apache/NGINX/Litespeed servers;
  7. Support more than 45 hosts;
  8. Support multiple resolutions;
  9. Support JW Player and Plyr video players;
  10. Support redis/sqlite/files cache to improve performance;
  11. Support multiple VAST ads;
  12. Support banner ads, popups, etc;
  13. Support anti-adblockers;
  14. Support shortener links like adfly, etc;
  15. Support whitelisted/blacklisted ip/domain;
  16. Support blacklisted titles;
  17. Support reporting to Google Analytics so you can see which videos are crashing or playing;
  18. Support smart cache so that if a video error will be created a new cache immediately;
  19. Support PWA white labels.

Username: admin
Password: admin

You must use a vps or dedicated server and activate some php functions if you want to use the following hosts: Facebook, Microsoft Stream, StreamSB, and Vidio (For Certain Videos) so make sure you can fully access your server.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, please contact us.
You are not allowed to resell source code or publish it to public groups without our permission.
Yes, we need access to your server for that.
You can get the update file via the download link provided after your purchase. Especially for old members who don't have a license key, you have to pay an update fee of $15 to get the license key.
Yes, you will get an update file if the script doesn't work. You need to know that sometimes it's not just the script that crashes but also the server you're using, so let us know if you want to use a specific host first so we can check it before we sell it to you. Remember! We also provide server installation support.
No, you don't get it. There are no refunds in any way for digital products. Meet all the needs of your life before buying a script like this.
Additional hosts are added upon request. Those hosts are not on this standard package.
You have to buy it separately after purchasing this standard package.
No, you don't get it. We don't sell live tv script.
No, the API only exists for internal purposes, there are no API features for the public or users. Use the embed page provided.



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